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Famous racing competitions

What racing competitions are famous? And what people know about the world of car racing? Many of you will immediately call Formula 1. This is the most popular car racing in the world. But F-1 is not the only car competition where great racers and car engineers find out among themselves which of them is better at this sport.

While the most famous races make the headlines, others definitely deserve more recognition.

Formula 1 has many branch competitions that are in no way inferior to other famous contests in their entertainment and drama.

Formula 3 is a class of auto racing series on cars with open wheels. Developed by the FIA as the third most powerful class after Formula 1 and 2. F-3 contests are held in various countries. There is no single world championship. As a rule, young riders compete in the championships, claiming to move to higher classes.

FRECA merger

The announced affiliation between Formula Regional and Renault Eurocup has been finalized!

On October 31, 2020, the fundamental change was settled. The new event will be promoted by the Automobile Club of Italy and supported by Renault manufacturing.

Although it is an F-3 event, with vehicles identical to those used in the Asian competition, the FIA has not been able to use, in the official denomination, the F3 brand, owned by Liberty Media as far as Europe is concerned.

FRECA 2022 season

The 2022 season, which was divided into ten rounds, saw the Swede Dino Beganovic prevail in the last round in force at Prema and already under contract with the Ferrari Driver Academy.

The Nordic driver was not the fastest in absolute terms, having won “only” four races (at Monza, Imola, Monaco, and Spa), against six for his teammate Paul Aron (under contract with Mercedes), and probably in the second part of the season, he limited himself to managing: but the Estonian, who was also very fast in qualifying with seven poles, was less constant than Beganovic and finished even third, having given up by just one point from the Italian Gabriele Mini.

The Palermitan managed to win three races despite the fact that the ART team was decidedly subdued (so much so that he finished third in the constructors, also behind the R-Ace GP, while Minì’s first teammate, Mari Boya, finished only tenth in classification). Don’t miss the next season of this racing event since it will gather the best representatives of the modern industry.

Interesting facts about Formula

And here are some interesting facts about the brightest competition in the world of automobiles:

  1. Both boys and girls can participate in the race on an equal footing with each other. In the entire history of the existence of Formula 1, only five women took part in them, two of whom managed to qualify and score points.
  2. As a fuel for cars, “Formula 1” uses oil for refueling aircraft. Its speed is 12 liters per second.
  3. Numbers are assigned to riders depending on the team’s rating in the competition of the previous season. The most interesting thing is that the number “13” is not issued to anyone. As they say: “God saves the safe”
  4. It only takes 3 seconds for the team at the pit stop to change the equipment of the entire car.
  5. For safety reasons, fans are required to wear special earplugs that are sold before the start of the race. Fans pay not only for viewing but also for not losing their hearing.

Fomula-1 is also famous for the famous racer James Hunt, who was not only the most avid party-goer in the history of motorsport but also the only pilot who got behind the wheel drunk. Jaime was constantly seen surrounded by different girls.

He wore clothes that said “Champion’s Sex Breakfast”, “Sex is the best there is,” and the like. He dabbled in drugs, and alcohol, and did crazy things off the track, but when he got behind the wheel of a car, he worked with full dedication.