412 Formula3 Regional Europe - Imola, race 2: Pasma wins, Leclerc retires
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Imola, race 2: Pasma wins, Leclerc retires

Min mostra la stoffa del campione ancora una volta e dalla pole guida per tutta la gara senza nessun errore.

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Leclerc starts very well and takes the lead at the first corner ahead of Pasma, Rodrigues and Chovet.

Very well Petecof, who from the sixth starting position recovers and passes Chovet, the rider from Menton, while Hauger attacks the Frenchman who defends himself, but then it is the Norwegian who conquers the position.

Very unfortunate Arthur Leclerc who clearly in command has to retire due to technical problems with the car. So it is Patrik Pasma who takes the lead followed by Rodriguez and a reborn Petecof in the first three positions. Hauger, Chovet and Lappalainen follow.

The Brazilian will be pressured throughout the race by the VAR duo Hauger and Chovet, but he will be good at keeping the third position until the end. Further behind Oliver Rasmussen, who did not even start in race 1 yesterday due to gearbox problems, manages to pass Lappalainen for sixth position.

The first 5 stretch on Rasmussen, who is over 3 seconds behind Chovet, fifth. Pasma takes space from Rodriguez and takes him 2 seconds off.

In the rear, Pesce sins at Rivazza and ends up in last position after an early part of the race that had seen him drive better than in other races.

Pasma wins, giving KIC Motorsport the third victory of the season, ahead of Rodriguez, Petecof, Hauger, Chovet and Rasmussen. Petecof with the third place and a little luck (or bad luck of Leclerc) regains the leadership of the championship.